Growth Hacker TV’s Golden Nuggets: Top 5 📺📈

Posted by Anant February 1, 2023

One man watched GrowthHacker.TV’s entire catalog. Every episode. Said it took him 3 years. That’s dedication.

But instead of doing what he did— just hack it.

 He wrote up this list of the 100 best lessons he learned. It’s worth a look. But we took the 5 best.

1. All Gas, No Brakes:

“When something works, you must have a killer instinct; show no mercy and exploit it at 100%.”

 Zack Onisko, CEO, Dribbble

2. Let Your Values Drive You:

“Many people are selling the same things, so you should not only focus on the “how” but also on the “why” (your core values and your beliefs).”

— Joanna Lord, CMO, Reforge

3. Know Your Model:

Advertising is fundamentally a business model competition. It is you, competing with the other companies, to figure out who can afford to pay the most for the attention of this specific user.”

— Gagan Biyani, CEO, Maven

4. The Art of A/B:

“If you are running A/B tests, be sure to test forests first (big ideas), then trees (different strategies with landings), branches (headlines), and finally leaves (color of buttons).”

— Michia Rohrssen, VP and GM, Upstart Auto Retail

5. Lead After Doing:

“Whatever you’re doing in your business, you have to do it yourself for a few weeks or you can’t actually lead intelligently.”

— Bronson Taylor, Co-Founder at GrowthHacker.TV

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