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Posted by Anant December 28, 2022


Advocacy Mob: Create a group of people that automatically join relevant online conversations on your behalf, thereby driving targeted traffic back to your product, increasing your SEO, and causing your product to be ubiquitous online.


Google News




1-2 Hours


Blog posts, forum threads, videos, slides, and more, which are targeted at your industry, are always being published online. If you can have a presence in the comments section of this content then it will provide targeted traffic back to your site, and increase your SEO rankings. First, visit (or similar services), and search for data entry or writing freelancers that seem to have some level of understanding of your industry. You’ll reach out and hire as many of these workers as you deem necessary for the amount of content being published online in your industry.



Now, you’ll instruct these workers to setup Google News alerts at You’ll provide a list of keywords and phrases that they should be getting alerts for. Within the alerts manager settings, it should be set to email them news “as it happens” so that they can be the first ones to new content as it is published.

alerts manage


Instruct these workers to visit the sites which triggered their alerts, and if it seems relevant to your company, they are to comment. It is important that they actually read the blog (or whatever it is) and provide meaningful dialogue. They are to use your site as the link in their profile, and they should also link to your site within the comment itself (if appropriate).

growth hacker tv



Once this system is in place you’ll have a mob of all-knowing advocates, speaking on your behalf online. (Photo by Natura Cosmético)

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